Get the Facts

SB 525 will:

Mean $8 Billion in Higher Health Costs Annually That Will Reduce Access to Critical Health Care Services

  • A recent report found SB 525 would increase costs for ALL health care providers by $8 billion annually, rising to $11.4 billion annually by 2030.
  • SB 525 increases costs for free clinics, reproductive health clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, physicians offices and all providers — and will mean deeper cuts and more closures, hurting the most vulnerable Californians.
  • Health care providers statewide are on the brink and already closing or making cuts to services to stay afloat.

Increase Monthly Health Insurance Costs for All

  • SB 525’s $8 billion in higher costs will mean higher insurance costs and higher co-pays for consumers already struggling with the high cost of living. This increase hurts disadvantaged communities the hardest.

Lead to Fewer Health Care Jobs

  • With so many health care providers already underwater, SB 525 will reduce employment opportunities statewide.
  • The reductions in services and increased costs will create an unintended effect where health care workers lose their jobs — jeopardizing patient care.

Mean Unequal Treatment of Workers

  • All Californians are struggling with rising costs, but SB 525 aims to address this for only one segment of California’s workforce while excluding everyone else.
  • Other essential workers and workers in other sectors doing similar jobs are completely left behind.